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Electrical Hook-Up

To provide the performance it was designed to give, your new kiln must have the proper outlet and breaker to supply adequate voltage and amperage. An incorrect connection may cause disappointing or even hazardous results. A qualified electrician needs to be consulted to determine whether your wiring is adequate.

Standard electric kilns will run on 240 volts, single phase. Some schools and industrial or other areas have a 208 volt, single phase power supply, some have three phase power, either 208 volt or 240 volt. Three phase kilns are available for an additional charge of $105. Please verify your power supply before ordering, we are not responsible if you order the wrong kiln! If you have questions, or for breaker sizes for 3 phase kilns, give us a call or contact Olympic Kilns at 800-241-4400.

Please review the wiring specifications on the price and wiring charts for the kiln you intend to purchase.

(Prices on this chart are list price, not the discounted prices we offer).


You must purchase at least $50 worth of merchandise to receive free shipping, please read our store policies and shipping information.