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Raw Glaze Materials

Alumina Hydrate;   Size: 

Alumina Oxide;   Size: 

Ball Clay, OM4;   Size: 

Bentonite;   Size:   

Bone Ash;   Size: 

Chrome Oxide;   Size: 

CMC;   Size: 

Cobalt Carbonate;   Size: 

Copper Carbonate;   Size:   

Cobalt Oxide;   Size: 

Copper Oxide, Black;   Size: 

Dolomite;   Size: 

Epsom Salts;   Size: 

Feldpsar, Custer;   Size:   

FRIT 3110;   Size: 

FRIT 3124;   Size: 

FRIT 3134;   Size: 

FRIT 3269;   Size:   

Gerstley Borate;   Size: 

Iron Oxide, Red;   Size: 

Kaolin, 6-Tile;   Size: 

Magnesium Carbonate;   Size: 

Manganese Dioxide;   Size: 

Nepheline Syenite;   Size: 

Petalite;   Size: 

Rutile;   Size:   

Silica, 200 Mesh;   Size:   

Spodumene;   Size: 

Strontium;   Size: 

Talc, Texas;   Size: 

Tin Oxide;   Size:   

Whiting;   Size: 

Wollastonite;   Size: 

Zinc Oxide, Calcined;   Size: 

Zircopax;   Size:   

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