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Olympic Kiln Features

Olympic kilns are the best value available. In 1982 Olympic moved to Georgiato be nearer their source of materials, specifically the insulating firebrick,which is made only in Georgia. The savings they realize not having to ship rawmaterials across the country are passed along to the customer. Compare pricesand see! Free Freight Pottery Supply continues the tradition of value. Byfinding great freight deals and shipping direct from the manufacturer we canabsorb the freight, and shipping costs you nothing! Our free freight offerincludes residential delivery and liftgate service when necessary at nocharge.

All the Olympic kilns featured on the Free Freight website are cone 10kilns (H models). 

18 inch and 23 inch H models are built of brick with extra thickness,rather than adding more wattage or non-brick insulation. The extra insulationmeans the cone 10 kilns do not require more power to achieve highertemperatures, and low temperature firing is accomplished with increasedefficiency. Increasing the wall insulation with thicker brick rather than withsoft insulation, retains the strength and rigidity of the standard Olympic Kiln,and brick replacement and maintenance is extremely easy. The cone 10 kilns lookmuch like the regular kilns, and their interior dimensions are the same asthe corresponding standard kiln; this is one of our favorite features ofOlympic Kilns. Other brands 3 inch versions come at the expense of smallerfiring chambers. Olympic's proven electrical box design has heat shields andtop and bottom perforations to keep the electrical components cool.

The 28 inch H models are all built of 3 inch brick, and haveheavy-duty elements.

All Olympic H models come with a one year warranty.


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