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Coyote Underglazes are designed for high-fire. They mature at cone 5 and will last up to cone 10.

black ug tile

Black Underglaze

Blue Green Underglaze

blue pansy ug tile

Blue Pansy Underglaze

brown ug tile

Brown Underglaze

burgundy ug tile

Burgundy Underglaze

buttercup ug tile

Buttercup Underglaze

cactus ug tile

Cactus Green Underglaze

cinnamon ug tile

Cinnamon Underglaze

dark brown ug tile

Dark Brown Underglaze

evergreen ug tile

Evergreen Underglaze

hunter green ug tile

Hunter Green Underglaze

lavender ug tile

Lavender Underglaze

light blue ug tile

Light Blue Underglaze

mazerine blue ug tile

Mazerine Blue Underglaze

olive ug tile

Olive Underglaze

orange ug tile

Orange Underglaze

pink ug tile

Pink Underglaze

powder blue ug tile

Powder Blue Underglaze

Really Red Underglaze

red ug tile

Red Underglaze

red orange ug tile

Red Orange Underglaze

royal blue ug tile

Royal Blue Underglaze

sage ug tile

Sage Green Underglaze

sea grass ug tile

Sea Grass Underglaze

sky blue ug tile

Sky Blue Underglaze

tangerine ug tile

Tangerine Underglaze

violet ug tile

Violet Underglaze

white ug tile

White Underglaze

yellow ug tile

Yellow Underglaze

yellow orange ug tile

Yellow Orange Underglaze

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